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About Us

Welcome to the Creme Society, a place to grab yourself a piece of the “Cannafornia” way!

From the Hollyweed streets of Los Angeles to the beautiful beaches of Santa Cruz, three childhood best friends found a love for California’s favorite plant! 

What started as weekends of shenanigans and crazy surfing adventures in high school, would eventually blossom into one of California’s premier cannabis brands. 

In 2010 founder Jon Kolodinski established Creme de Canna, pioneering the world’s 1st delicious cannabis infused ice cream to have newsworthy success! 

Creme de Canna’s success didn’t stop there, as High Times Magazine featured Creme de Canna’s signature strain (Golden Pineapple) in their (Month/Year Date?) issue.

 With the phenomenal success of the Ice Cream, Jon felt it was only appropriate to open one of the fist dispensaries in beautiful Santa Cruz, California.

 Providing a first of its kind world class experience, buying locally grown and sourced cannabis and making his products widely available throughout California.

In 2012, Jon joined forces with childhood best friend, Allan Flores, and together they brought Creme de Canna Extracts to life!


The partnership would bring numerous award winning products to the California Cannabis market, including:

Santa Cruz People's Choice Cup 2010 -  (Best Product / Ice Cream Winner)

Santa Cruz People's Choice Cup 2011 - (Best Dispensary & Product Winner)

 Santa Cruz Cup 2016 - (Best Extract)

Chalice Cup 2017 - (2 awards) (Best THC/CBD Product & Highest Testing CDB Product)

HempCon Cup 2017 - (2awards) (Best CBD / Highest Testing CBD Product) 

With the smoke on the horizon of legalization in 2018, the best friend trio would finally be reunited, as USCG Veteran Mark Davis joined the Creme de Canna team to bring his customer service and business organizational skills to the company.

In the spirit of everything we represent, we wanted to bring the brand to life with our beautiful and unique artwork, designed from local Santa Cruz artist @Artsmak_Mio.

Creme Society is proud to bring the California lifestyle to you, no matter where you live. 

Bring home your own piece of the sunny Santa Cruz beaches or the Hollyweed Hills with our super comfortable Blankets, Shirts, Beanies, Hoodies, Backpacks and anything else you can think of!!!

We even got one of a kind “NUG” only products...definitely worth checking them all out!!!

Thanks for checking us out!!!